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I have been seeing Rachel for almost a year now, and I would never go back to a time without her. She is a great teacher, an excellent listener, and generally just a wonderful person to have in my life. Especially as someone who never had any sort of therapy prior to meeting Rachel, I literally don’t know what my life would be today without her, and I am so grateful to have her in my life!
Ray F.

Life’s Journey paired me with Tiffany who has worked magic with me! Currently, I am five months into my journey and I feel stronger and more capable to heal inwards than I ever have been. I’ve recommended two people so far and will continue to do so because I believe in the work done here!

I have been attending here for several months. I see Nicholas Gaughan for many reasons. He has helped me to organize my thoughts, issue’s and to work through stressful situations. I recommend anyone to seek out Life’s Journey for your own personal issue’s. They are a professional group!, comfortable to talk too, puts you at ease, nonjudgmental.
Rachel is amazing! Very thoughtful, caring and understanding. She has helped me so much along my healing journey. She is real and practical. She is a great listener and understands me. When I first met her I felt comfortable with her. She helped me set boundaries for myself as part of my healing process. I look forward to seeing her every week.
Britney C.
I love going to life’s journey. I’ve been going through a lot and have had average therapist who haven’t helped much, but then I met Racheal she is extremely caring. She makes me very comfortable to express all my thoughts and feelings. She’s very down to earth. She rearranges things to help with my schedule. She goes above and beyond. She is 100% the best therapist I’ve ever had. I would recommend her to everyone.
Jen E.
I was apprehensive about taking that first step, so glad that I did. (Therapist is Nick)
Professional and trustworthy. Working with Rachael through some tough times has certainly tempered so many anxieties I had to overcome. I’m glad I had her to lean on.
Rachel has been there to guide me through life’s journey when I needed it most. She’s always made me feel like I was in a safe space to express my feelings and help me process my emotions.
I contacted Rachael at probably my lowest point of my life. She’s honestly a godsend and we clicked immediately. She goes above and beyond as a therapist. She’s helped me in everyday life, grief, child loss, and even stepped in with my other children when I asked her to. I dont know where I’d be without her.. I appreciate you Rachael keep being you and doing great things. The world needs more people/therapists like you.
Rachael is an amazing therapist who truly cares about her clients. Over the years that I have been seeing Rachael, her advice and guidance has helped me through many traumatic experiences and also has encouraged me to make numerous positive lifestyle changes.

I came to Rachael in a time where I was at my absolute lowest. Seeing her every week has been nothing but the greatest. She has helped me in more ways than she could imagine. I recommend her to all my friends and family. Going to see her every week has truly become the thing I look forward to the most!

Brittney B.
I’ve been seeing Rachel for over 4 years. I remember when I first contacted Rachel, regarding therapy, ‘I said I want to learn to be a person’. Turns out that with her guidance I was able to learn that I’ve been a ‘person’ all along, I just was facing situations out of my control. I felt so confident in her therapy style, that I traveled with her when she started her own practice. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made for myself and for my family to get help and to talk things out. I would highly recommend Life’s Journey Counseling to anyone who believes they need help or an ear to listen to them.
Amanda M.

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