Leslie Stasko

Leslie Stasko, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


I am a licensed counselor and art therapist with a background in special education. I believe that our hope for the future depends on fostering the healthy development and wellbeing of children and the adults who care for them. My experience working in schools and clinical settings with people experiencing trauma and social and emotional difficulties has helped me understand some of the challenges faced within our communities. I use expressive therapies such as art and play therapy in concert with CBT, DBT, mindfulness and body based practices to help people gain hope and make meaningful changes in their lives. We all need empathy, encouragement, and guidance during difficult times. This can include help in navigating emotions, reducing stress, improving relationships and building the skills and confidence needed to face life’s challenges. I look forward to working with you to understand your unique situation, so that I can help you tackle the tough stuff in a safe space.

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