Richard Conover LCSW


Clients have the opportunity to present troubling issues in a safe and supportive setting to determine means to relieve the accompanied distress. I have over thirty years of experience working with ages ranging from teenagers to adults and retirees. This includes treatment tenures with individuals, couples, parents, and gender identity cases and the related features of depression, anxiety, impulse control, and individuals experiencing grief.

Sessions apply a cognitive treatment model that examines the origin of the problem to develop strategies to relieve ongoing distress. The process is applied to individual treatment, couples, marriage counseling, workplace matters, and parenting issues.

Often depression and anxiety result from difficulties dealing with realities we are immersed in. The task is to find alternative ways of thinking about the issues to find relief. That process may test the long-standing views that conflict with current circumstances or events. Such alternative thinking may conflict with the values currently in place.

In the general mental health field, I have held various positions ranging from direct clinical work in agencies to administrative positions as Supervisor of departments to Director of out-patient clinic positions in New York City and the greater Boston, Massachusetts region before setting up a private practice in Waterford, Connecticut.

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